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 How to register for a STAMPIN'UP workshop at your place or at my place?

Several solutions are available to you : 
How to host a workshop in your home  ?

You can decide to choose according to the place you have at home, to host a workshop with more or less people (6 people being a good start).

To do so, you must contact your scraping friends (preferably)  or people  interested in manual work and offer them to have a good creative time with friends and especially to set a date.

It is about inviting your friends or girlfriends in a relaxed and creative atmosphere and reassuring them.

I suggest you contact me by  

  By email :

  By phone: 0760112121


  • How to earn bonuses with Stampin'up! ?  


  After inviting and receiving your guests in your home, with all the kindness required, your reward is to earn bonuses! The bonuses therefore reward the hostesses according to the sales level reached during the workshop.For example, if your workshop sales reach € 200, you will receive € 20 to spend on the items of your choice, in the current catalogs. This is the way of Stampin 'Up! to say thank you.

This table shows you your rewards based on total order amounts. During a workshop, the hostess obtains 

Creative bonuses calculated based on total workshop sales.


Please note Outside of the workshop, Creative Rewards are also offered to customers who place individual orders whose totals reach the amounts below.

Note that from an order of 550 €, you can choose an item of your choice from our current catalogs that you will get at -50% !!!!

Little tip: It is also possible to group together several orders, for example with scrap friends to reach these amounts….


Creative Bonuses must be claimed at the same time as your order.

If the chosen gift (s) exceeds the amount of the creative bonus obtained, then you only pay the difference.


Your order does not reach 200 € but you would still like to receive a small gift?

You can indicate my hostess code of the month when ordering online to receive a surprise from me the following month.

* Excluding postage.
** The Creative Rewards do not allow you to purchase an item at -50%.
*** -50% applies to the purchase of full-price products and reduced-price packs of stamps and tools only. Collector's sets and the standard size die-cutting and embossing machine cannot be obtained with the discount.


How to join a stampin'up workshop!  at home in the Oise? 

 Do you live nearby or are you ready to travel a few kilometers to reach us? 

I welcome you to my home in the Oise (Neuilly en Thelle), in my scraproom. Usually every first and second Saturday of each month, as well as Wednesday, between Saturdays. You will participate in a workshop to discover Stampin products 'Up !. For the occasion I will prepare a kit for you, I will lend you my equipment and you will leave with your creation.


 Of course I am counting on you to reach me by message, so that I can reserve a place for you and prepare your paper kit. You will have to prepare your basic school kit (scissors, pencil, glue, ruler ... .)  a paper cutter  is welcome! don't panic if you don't have one, you can still order it during the workshop and you will have it for the next workshop. I organize Stampin'Up group orders! I admit it is very practical for you who do not have enough time to receive a UPS delivery at your place! My faithful scrapers are very fond of this service, it saves time and delivery costs.

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