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Scrapbooking dictionary or lexicon 

we agree, this  It is not always easy to understand all the terms of scrapbooking, because very often the words or verbs are taken from American or English. It is thus interesting for beginners in scrapbooking, to discover and learn the terms of language scrap before starting.  most advanced among us,  a booster shot is always useful. Life is an eternal learning.

Dictionary or lexicon of terms or  references  scrapbooking 

This list is not exhaustive and can obviously be supplemented over time.  



In scrapbooking, it is the neutral or basic pH that allows our creations to be preserved for a longer period of time. Most of our papers are acid free. Acid is the substance responsible for the yellowing over time of materials such as papers and photos.


Anything that sticks, an element to a support: glue, self-adhesive dots… It is recommended to use acid-free adhesives, especially for photos.


 Journal art

Creative journal well colored in principle. It is a space of freedom and creation, a place conducive to the expression of emotions and to letting go.


 ATC - Artist trading cards

Small cards in 89mm by 64mm format. These are creations to be exchanged between scrapers and also to be collected.


 Parisian tie

Metal embellishment with two folding tabs on the back, used to secure papers between them or elements.


 Baker's twine

Two-tone cotton twine, traditionally shown in white and red, now available in a multitude of colors. Allows you to tie and close different scrapbooking projects.


Plain, thick sheet of paper similar to Cardstock.  

   Bigz die

Cutting die specially designed for cutting thicker material and fabric to be used with a  cutting machine.  

   Bint it all

Machine that allows you to set up metal spiral bindings to make mini albums.


  Blade =

Replacement cutting blade for paper cutter or trimmer.



Book of Me, album in which we talk about ourselves, our aspirations, our dreams, our life….


  Brad  (Parisian tie)

Metal embellishment with two flip tabs on the back, used to secure papers together



Hanging embellishment in plastic, wood or metal.This personalizes our creations.

   Bullet Journal

Bujo for close friends. It is a system of organization and management of tasks to improve productivity, be more organized  while having a creative activity since it is a 100% DIY system.



Canvas frame generally associated with the painter's canvas. It can also be used as a scrapbooking page support allowing you to add other materials such as paint or 3D paste. We then speak of Mixed media.



Heavy, stiff, acid-free paper similar to a sheet of cardboard commonly used in scrapbooking or card making.



We are talking about Chalk ink (which leaves a chalky effect), Chalk pencils (with a soft and dry lead) and Chalk (dry pastels).



Small embellishments in rigid cardboard and often varnished. They are mostly associated with a scrapbooking collection.



Ink the edges of a paper or a realization using ink with a  foam finger  or a  stump brush


 Charms (charm)

Small embellishments in the form of charms. Commonly used term in the world of pearls and jewelry customization.



Associated with the texture of the slate, a chalk effect allows to give a vintage spirit to your creations.


Besides the classic scissors, there are notching scissors (or notching scissors) whose blades allow a fancy cutting of the paper (waves, zigzag, w, baroque, etc.).

  Clean & simple

Refined style, often geometric, in which there is little painting or inking.



A clear stamp is an unmounted rubber stamp to be positioned on a  acrylic block .  


Small decoration hanging on the edge of a sheet or photo, like a paperclip.


 Color blocking 

Layout based on the association of squares and rectangles of contrasting or solid colors arranged in a geometric manner

 Color coach

A very useful tool for working with colors and coordinating them


It is a brand of templates for cutting photos into various shapes (heart, square, rectangle, circle, oval, puzzle, drop, etc.). Each model has several notches that allow the photos to be cut to the correct size. To use the plates, you also need a cutter with a rotating blade and above all a cutting mat that looks like a white plastic sheet that you find in some packages (thick foam).  



Combination of several styles or objects. Example: combo of dies and stamps. Allows you to perfectly cut out the shape of a stamped pattern.



Corner to embellish the photos. This makes it possible to fix photos on a sheet or to punch the corners with a corner punch (corner rounder).


  Watercolor pencil

Color pencil that can be diluted with water after application or apply with a  water reservoir brush  or one  pencil-stump .


  Crop (or cropping)

Cut out photos or papers.

Name also given to meeting workshops / courses organized between scrapbooking enthusiasts.


 Crop a dile

Tool for the installation of traditional eyelet, wide (eyelet) or snap (full eyelet)


 Cut'n dry 

Foam with a flexible white and black side more rigid to apply ink


 Cutting mat

Cutting mat.


 December Daily (Advent Journal, Christmas Journal)

It is a support to document the period preceding the Christmas holidays


 Design Team (DT) 

Team made up of several scrapbookers who create pages, mini albums or others to highlight the products of a shop or a brand.

 Die (cutting die)

Cutout shape used with a  cutting machine  manual ...


 Digital scrapbooking

Virtual scrapbooking done only on computer.


 Distress ink

Water-reactive dye-based ink similar to Stampin'Up inks!



Scribble style in the form of freehand curves and arabesques. It is therefore a way of freehand to decorate its pages and see them adorned with scrolls, arabesques inspired by calligraphy and sometimes even illumination.

 Dot s

Small dots or small rounded bullets usually round in shape to stick on a page or on a card to embellish it.



Small and varied decorations to embellish a creation. Several styles exist: paper cutouts, wooden cutouts, buttons, flowers, eyelets, stickers ...


  Hot emboss

Highlighting the paper with a powder that is melted using a  heat gun

Hot embossing is a completely different technique from dry embossing: this time the highlighting is done using stamps, ink and pigments that are inflated using a Heat Gun. However, you have two choices: a colored ink to use with a powder with a shiny, glitter or transparent effect or a transparent ink to use with a colored powder.
You can do the following: Coat your stamp with VersaMark ink, which is suitable for this purpose. Stamp the backing you want to decorate and then immediately cover the design with the embossing powder. Over a sheet of paper, gently tap the backing you have stamped to remove the excess powder (so you can easily pick it up and put it back in the jar). Using your Heat Gun, heat the pattern (you can place the gun from below). Under the effect of heat, the powder will swell (the pigments will agglomerate). Your pattern is ready!

  Cold (or dry) embossing 

Highlighting the paper using a  embossing folder  or a stylus


Heating gun that speeds up the drying process of a texture. Is also very often used in the technique of embossing.



Embossing technique to give relief to a pattern. All you need to do is stamp a design with slow-drying ink, add embossing powder, and use a heat gun to inflate the powder.


  Embossing folder

Embossing binder or embossing plate that is used with a  cutting machine . Allows you to give relief to your paper.


Colorful embellishment covered with a thick layer of clear varnish


  European (style) 

The European-style pages are focused on the work of photos, cutouts, geometric organization  especially using stencils



Small eyelets to be fixed with eyelet pliers of the Crop-A-Dile type. Mainly used in the making of albums of




Metal embellishment secures with a Parisian tie


Metallic foil to add shine effects to your creations. Several techniques are possible.  



Font available on computer. We can also talk about typography.



Frame around a photo



Die or cutting die representing the outline of a shape. It is usually offered in several elements of different sizes to create interwoven patterns and match stamps. To be used with a  cutting machine



Free item offered for scrapbooking or other activity. (file to download, poster ...)



Very personal and whimsical style of scrapbooking. Use of paint, materials, objects from recovery, very close to Mixed Media.



Heating tool for heat sealing plastics



Relief decoration on paper. This is possible thanks to several tools such as an embossing stylus or embossing binders to pass through a  cutting machine


 Gem or self-adhesive decoration

Small domed chips most often round in shape to stick on a page or on a card to embellish it.



Primer for undercoat of white or black paint, originally used by painters to cover their raw linen canvas.


 Glossy accent

Transparent gel that gives a shiny appearance by drying like the  sparkling crystal effect  


 Glue dots

Small dots usually round in shape to glue a page to fix a small object.


 Gold  what refers to gold



Eyelet larger than the eyelet.


 Heat gun

Tool that diffuses very hot air, much like a heat gun to melt  embossing powders  



Style using old photos, in an old style. The “Heritage” pages are dedicated to the memory of our ancestors, our grandfathers, grandmothers, great-grandfathers, etc. Usually the photos from this period are from the beginning of the 20th century and the documents that accompany them also (baptistery, birth certificate, property certificate, death certificate, etc.).


 Hoop art

Embroidery hoop diverted for a creative difference (dream catcher, floral crown…).



North American unit of measure (1 inch = 2.54 cm).  


The inks are available in several colors and several formats: pad, liquid or spray. A distinction is made on the one hand between slow-drying inks (pigment ink) which are used for the embossing technique, and on the other hand fast-drying inks (dye-ink) for stamping normally. There are also so-called archival ink inks to ensure a long lifespan.
There are water-based inks you can use for brush coloring and alcohol-based inks.

  Inking pad

Ink box composed of a foam impregnated with the ink color of your choice.



It's different elements like rhinestones and pearls to embellish a scrapbook page, an object or a card.



Text or comment affixed to a page. Allows you to personalize by telling a story or daily life in an album for example. Can be used on journaling cards.


 Journal Jar

The principle is simple. In the jar there are papers with questions about our past, feelings, experiences, etc. Then there is a diary in which we answer the different questions and, at the end, the diary becomes like a memory of our life ...



One kit includes all the supplies needed to get started, including an artistic design project, step-by-step instructions, die-cut pieces ...



Decorative paper lace


Layout of a scrapbooking page.



Creative lettering to write the titles by hand in a stylized way closer to calligraphy.  Widely used as part of the Bullet Journal * using markers or highlighters.



Light box



Natural component of wood, can be present in the paper which causes its yellowing. It is preferable to vernier the paper in this specific case. You will often find the words “lignin free” in the product sheets of our papers.



Trade name for decorative adhesive tape similar to  washi tape  at Stampin'Up!


Stencil for creating page or card backgrounds using ink, paint or paste.  


Tool to cut paper easily and quickly. It often has two accessories, one for cutting and one for marking the folds. Allows precise work


Consists of pasting a photo (or an element of decoration) on a larger paper. It is of course possible to mat with several papers of different colors or even different materials.


Water-based ink ideal for use with alcohol markers

  Mini album

Decorated album that keeps photos of a particular moment with the possibility of recounting memories


Or “media mix” in France, this term represents a mixture of techniques and materials. Originally used by artists, this trend is increasingly popular in the world of scrapbooking through the use of paint, paste, pastel, glitter, various collage ...



Virtual girlfriend similar to a scrap correspondent with whom we send small scrap gifts, on a regular basis or not, and of course in both directions.
The NSP is therefore the privileged correspondent with whom you have established special links on the net.


 Jack of all trades

Versatile precision tool that simplifies meticulous tasks. Sticky putty tip helps you easily handle sequins, paper decorations and other small items; twist to release more putty. The other end has two double and interchangeable ends: a paper piercer, a mini-spatula, a small stylus and a large stylus.



Diary decorated in a scrapbooking style. It is often represented with rings which allows you to remove and insert your content as you see fit. Available in pocket size to take it with you everywhere in your bag or in a larger size to put it on your desk. (re) See our focus around planners.

  Crazy plastic

Shrinking plastic sheet  while cooking. It allows to create many embellishments of all kinds.

  Embossing folder

Embossing technique to give relief to a design for use with a  cutting machine


Also called Mask or Stencil, it is used to create backgrounds by reproducing a pattern drawn, inked or painted inside.


Resin pad to be positioned on a  acrylic block . These types of stamps allow precise stamping on a page or card since they are transparent

  Embossing powder

This powder is to be sprinkled on a pattern stamped with slow drying ink before heating with a heat gun. It allows you to give relief and shine to your projects according to the chosen color.

  Project Life

Logbook allowing you to scrape your daily life. In the form of a binder of the size of your choice, it is composed  inside plastic pockets in which you will slip photos, texts, labels, souvenirs etc. as the days go by.


Punch for cutting a pattern in a specific location on a paper. There are also border and corner punches to add fancy to your page edges.

  Punch board

Punch in the form of a board for making embossed projects (boxes, envelopes, flowers)  knots…). It greatly facilitates your daily cutting. Discover the range of We R Memory Keepers.


Cutting made with punches or perforators.



Technique using thin strips of paper to create patterns to roll up and give a shape.


Technique inspired by patchwork patterns and which consists of making a page with several embossed patterns or with a sewing effect.



English ribbons


Decal to be rubbed with a small stick to transfer a pattern to a page.



Scallop-shaped cutout. Can be performed using a hole punch or die.


Creation that we have completely copied. It was not forgotten to mention the name of the person whom one copied.


Marking of folds. Tools exist to facilitate folding such as a folder or a folding board (Scor-Pal).


Room in the house where all the scrap material has been installed, it is a scrap workshop.


or Collimage (francizations mainly used in Quebec) - Creative leisure which consists in personalizing, in particular by collage, stamping, colorization, an album of photos, memories, a private diary.


Disc shape used for decorative purposes


Scrapbooking style based on aged and floral effects

  Shadow box

Relief box allowing to assemble several paper cutouts (or other) to create a relief scene.

  Shaker box

Shake box with a transparent part that lets you see small objects (sequins, glitter ...) that move when you shake it. Often made in the form of a Shaker card.

  Shabby chic

Scrapbooking style giving a chic aged effect.



Layout plan, arrangement of objects to put on your scrap page


Snaps are like carnations except that they are full.


pad press  essential for perfectly aligning stamp images, stamping the same project multiple times with speed and precision, and ensuring that the ink is applied evenly.


Stencil for creating backgrounds using paint, ink or paste. Also known as Mask *

  Stickers (sticker)

Self-adhesive patterns used as embellishments often sold in sheets on the same theme.

  String art

Technique which consists in stretching threads on nails to represent a shape. It is commonly represented on a board or in a frame but can also be found on a card or a scrapbooking page.


Buffer. There are different types of stamps: clear stamps, wood-mounted stamps, foam-mounted stamps.



Stampin 'Blends alcohol-based markers allow you to create highlights and shadows to give your projects a 3D effect. For use with stamps dabbed with water-based ink such as  Memento .


Water based markers, allow you to color with the wide tip to achieve unique color effects and fine tip for writing. For use with pads dabbed with alcohol-based ink such as  Stazon .


Multi-surface resistant ink mark that fits on all media such as glass, plastic, metal, wood, photos….


Scrapbooking style combining the world of industry, grunge and fantasy.Tim Holtz is an expert discover his universe.


Stitches, sometimes made around a card. Can be done freehand with a needle, sewing machine or special tool.


Exchange organized by a group or a scraper.A swap consists in creating a scrap element on a theme and in a defined number. Each scrapcopine creates its elements then sends them to the organizer who redistributes a copy to all the participants. It can be a tag, a decoration, a title… It can also be exchanged during training or lineage meeting



Small piece of paper, possibly cardboard, with a hole for a ribbon tie, on which you can write text. Label to stick or hang on a creative project or a gift package, can be used as a bookmark.


Template serving as a frame to carry out a digital scrapbook project.

  Thinlits Die

Die or fine metal cutting die used with a cutting machine  cutting machine . Can also be used as a stencil.

  Traveler's Notebook 

Small notebook allowing to compile memories during the trips.


Paper cutter for quick and easy paper cutting. It often has two accessories, one for cutting and one for marking the folds. Allows precise work.


Set of typeface borrowed from the printing press. Can also be said Font or Font of character on computer.




Vellum, tracing paper for creating transparency effects.


Ink mark "glue"  thick water-based. It allows a slow drying to be able to emboss hot and can also be used  with chalks


Old and authentic effect given to an achievement.  



Thin, solid and often translucent adhesive tape, plain or printed, which makes it possible to embellish a scrapbooking page, a card, a decoration, a wall ...




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