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Welcome to Stampin'Up!  Lineage of Françoise Blanquet #FBTeam 

 Meet my Stampin'Up goddaughters! 



  • The very first one that did me the honor of choosing me right after my registration is  Stephy Scrap , she lives in Eragny (95). She can organize workshops for you in Val d'Oise and Yvelines. 

  • My second goddaughter is  Emilie Durlot  you can contact her for workshops around Grandvilliers and Breteuil in the Oise.

  • Aurélie Langlois  is my third goddaughter lives in Balagny Oise not far from my home !! Aurélie is very active, can move around .....

  • Angélique Sabrié is from Garges les Gonesse,  she mainly buys her articles for herself to benefit from a favorable rate. She can organize workshops but close to her home. Is not transported.

  • Ingrid Lacroix  is my fifth goddaughter and lives the furthest away, she organizes workshops in Loire Atlantique (44)  close to Mouzillon. Contact there .....

  • Laurence Petit  is my seventh goddaughter. Laurence lives 2km from my home in Cavillon (Oise) !!  she was originally a seamstress friend, then she wanted to become a demo. She takes her time but surely progresses.

  • I welcome Caroline who lives in Boran sur Oise. Caroline has experience as a former demo ...... I am honored that she has been chosen for me.

  • Carine  ,  surprised me to register  after coming to participate in a workshop ...... the feeling is over.Carine will move and will be available on the side of Sables d'Ollone, La Roche sur Yon ... I will tell you more, later ... .....

  • Around  Coralie  to become a demo since July 8.Coralie lives in the Paris region in Taverny.Do not hesitate to contact there ......

  • here is  Frederique  who in turn came to join my great team, she lives in Amiens. We got to know each other via the Internet and the current went well, looking forward to getting to know her in person !! If you live in this beautiful city, contact her soon.

  • And my very last Goddaughter is named Jessica.Jessica has to sign at the end of July to quickly benefit from the Inks promo. 

  • Monique Becquet, a goddaughter who has registered to benefit from preferential rates during the Sale A Bration period, on her own account, as long as you make a minimum number per quarter at Stampin'Up! you can be a demo without doing a workshop and be your own client !!!  A good hearer ..........

  • Hello the Stampin'Up promotion!  Sale a Bration is so advantageous that my hostess  Yolande Scrap  at the end of the workshop surprised me by confiding to me that she wanted to join the Stampin'Up adventure! and by the same to become one of my goddaughters. It was a real surprise Happiness! Welcome to my team and to my # FBTeam lineage. She lives in Andeville 60.

  • For my friend  Yvelyne  who also signed during Sale A Bration it was not a surprise but a return in my team ..... I am happy of her return among us. You can contact her on Clermont Oise.

  • My friend Jess (  LescreadeJess  ) wanted to join my team, following her move from the South to the Doubs It is a real happiness when she  joined us.  sparkling encounter! You can contact her for workshops full of pep, she has a crazy talent; in the department of Doubs 25690 in Avoudrey.

  • What a joy to welcome my friend Béné  in my team of super girls !!!  Béné is an experienced demonstrator and can organize beautiful workshops for you in the Ille et Vilaine region exactly at Chartres de Bretagne 35131, do not hesitate to call on her confirmed talents.

  • My friend Carole's turn to join us during the Sale a Bration period. Carole I have known her for a while, she was a regular person at my monthly workshops. She is part of an association of scrap and needlework,  The adventure tempted her.Carole does not yet have a blog.Carole is from Bornel in the Oise.

  • Then Sylvie joined me in June, a nice surprise! Sylvie is registered for her pleasure and especially to have her scrap material at a preferential rate.

  • Who's Next ??????????  maybe you, I'll explain everything to you, hush a surprise awaits you.

  • You want to join Stampin 'Up! and benefit from your scrap material at a preferential rate:  join me using the link  



Stampin'Up! reunion on August 10, 2019 at home in the Oise, we were not many, difficult to bring people together during the holidays. we made the most of our day, it was a good time.

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